Soluzioni Business

ItStream platform can be used as a management tool for the communication of companies, organizations, associations and, in general, for organizations of any size. With ItStream you can develop modular and scalable projects in time, according to the needs of the customer.
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Branded TV / Radio

The communication of this type is intended to make consumers feel involved in corporate strategies, using more interactive tools such as video and audio from the text. With such a tool you get an extension and evolution of the concept of product communication, making sure that it will become a loyal friend with whom to interact in an emotional way. This approach is in line with the latest trends in marketing and brings undeniable benefits in economic terms for your business.

In store communication

This tool represents the set of solutions that ItStream offers to its business customers for communication in stores addressing buyers, so that they take purchasing decisions based on information timely and accurate.
Tv and Radio in store are the communication tools needed to establish a constant contact with the public, increasing the effectiveness in the dissemination of promotional initiatives and services offered in the store.
ItSignage is the suite of solutions and services operating in the field of Digital Signage to manage in a centralized and coordinated communication on the screens of all types and sizes. The purpose may be to inform buyers about special offers in-store, on the promotion of a single product or to create entertainment, in order to make more pleasant the stay in the place of purchase.

Corporate TV / Radio

The Corporate TV is a tool that provides companies with solutions for corporate communication on the web. With it you can appreciate the information, both internally and towards the market and institutions.
The Corporate TV can convey events such as conventions, thematic content, corporate training at a distance, to support audiovisual and to integrate and complement the traditional training. Government can give more visibility to their content and services, disseminating information to enhance the territory and infrastructure.

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