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This Privacy Policy describes the procedures for collecting and processing data of users who use the services offered on the Site ItStream and the way in which users can protect their privacy.
For this purpose the Privacy Policy explains:
  • the collection of data and purpose.
  • how to use the data.
  • the options offered by ItStream, including how to access and update the information provided by the User.

The Privacy Policy was drafted with the intent to be clear and simple, however it contains some technical-informatics terms (eg. Cookies, IP addresses, pixel tags, web browser, etc.) of which the user may override the meaning, in this If ItStream recommends that you read up on these terms.
Respect for privacy is important to ItStream, therefore we invite all users, new and old, to read this Privacy Policy carefully and to contact ItStream in case they need to ask questions.


The collection of data is performed to provide, manage and improve the services of ItStream, to develop new ones and to protect ItStream and its Users.

The information is also collected to provide customized content to users, such as when a user provides some information by creating an account or by selecting a particular language, ItStream will try to improve the service by that user to display the search results in the language he she has chosen and showing more relevant ads to their tastes. In addition, thanks to the information gathered ItStream will help the user to keep in contact with other users with a similar profile and make it easier and faster content sharing.

The collection of data takes place in different ways, in particular:
  • Data provided by User: many of the services of the Site require you to create an account on ItStream and during the creation of the Account some personal information are required (eg. Name, email address, phone number or credit card) that are then collected from ItStream
  • Data obtained from the use of the Services by the User: we gather information about the services and how to use them by the user (eg. When you visit a website on as they appear advertisements for ItStream, or when viewing and interacting with ads and content ItStream).
  • This information include:
    • Information about the device: device-specific information (eg. Hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, and mobile network information including phone number). ItStream may associate your device identifiers or phone number ItStream-In the User;
    • Log information: certain information in server logs may be collected and stored automatically during the use by the User of the service, or viewing of content provided by ItStream. This information include:
      • Data on how to use the service, such as search queries
      • Log information related to phone calls (eg. Phone number, the caller's number, forwarding numbers, time and date of calls, duration of calls, information about submitting SMS and types of calls)
      • Internet protocol address
    • Information on the events of the device: information about events relating to the device (eg. Crashes, system activity, hardware settings, browser type and language, date and time of requests and referrer URL)
    • Cookies that may uniquely identify your browser or ItStream User Account
    • Unique application numbers: some services have a unique application number. The number and information about your installation (for example. The type of operating system and application version number) may be sent to ItStream when you install or uninstall the service or when the service periodically contacts the server ItStream (eg. for automatic updates)
    • Cookies and anonymous identifiers: between the various technologies used to collect and store information when a user visits a service ItStream we also send one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to the device of the user. Cookies and anonymous identifiers are also used when the user interacts with the services that ItStream offers its partners (eg. ItStream advertising services or applications that may be available on other websites)
To ensure data security, ItStream adopt measures to prevent unauthorized access to information and to prevent the alteration, disclosure or unauthorized destruction of data, in particular:
  • by encrypting the different services using SSL
  • examining the practice of collecting, storing and processing of information, including physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to systems
  • allowing him to access to personal information only to employees, contractors and ItStream agents should be aware of this information for them to process on our behalf. These subjects are obliged to comply with strict contractual obligations regarding the confidentiality and may be subject to sanctions or termination of the contract if it did not meet these obligations.


The data collected can be used in different ways, in particular:
  • Improvement of services: Data collected via cookies and other technologies such as pixel tags, may be used to improve users' experience and the overall quality of services (eg. Whether a user saves the language preferences, you can then view services in the language of your choice). Furthermore, the information (including personal information) arising from a service may be combined with those of other services ItStream (eg. Simplifying the sharing of content with friends).
  • Storing local data (including personal information) can be collected and stored locally on your device using mechanisms such as browser web storage through (including HTML 5) and application data caches.
  • Use of the name: the name specified dalll'Utente for him ItStream can be used in all services that require an account. In addition, the names previously associated with the Account ItStream can be replaced in a uniform way to represent the user on all services ItStream. If other users already know the email address or other information appropriate to identify a user, you can show them ItStream information publicly visible profile of the user (eg. Name and photo).
  • Troubleshooting: ItStream can record communications with users to solve any problems.
  • Notifications to Users: The email address of the user can be used to provide information to the user about the services of ItStream (eg. Communicate changes or improvements made ​​on the services).
  • If ItStream should be the subject of merger, acquisition or sale of assets, it will continue to ensure the confidentiality of personal information and transmit to the Members concerned the transfer of personal information or the application of different rules to protect privacy.


Many of the services of ItStream allow sharing of information with other users, so you should keep in mind that if the user shares information publicly, such information may be indexed by search engines, including ItStream. Services ItStream offer several options for sharing and content removal.
Where the data of the User does not prove correct, ItStream will provide methods to quickly update them or delete them, except that such data should not be stored for a legitimate purpose. In case of update of personal data, the user may be asked to verify your identity before meeting your request.
ItStream may refuse requests unreasonably repetitive, require disproportionate technical effort that (eg., The development of a new system or the substantial modification of an existing practice), that jeopardize the privacy of others, or impractical (eg. , requests concerning information residing on backup tapes).
ItStream shall take appropriate measures to protect information from accidental or unlawful destruction. For this reason, after the removal of information from the services of ItStream by the User, the remaining copies may not be immediately eliminated by the active servers and the information may not be removed immediately from the backup systems.


ItStream does not provide the personal information of Users to any company, organization and / or person who is not part of ItStream, except in the following cases:
  • With the consent of the user: It can Stream Users' data provide companies, organizations and / or individuals sure this part of ItStream only with the consent of the User. In the absence of the consent of the User, ItStream not associate DoubleClick cookie information and personal information.
  • For external treatments: ItStream Users can provide data to its affiliates or other companies or people, so treat them on behalf of ItStream on the basis of the instructions given from ItStream and in compliance with this Privacy Policy and any other appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality and safety.
  • Per motivi legali: ItStream fornisce i dati degli Users a società organizzazioni e/o persone che non fanno parte di ItStream qualora l'accesso, l'utilizzo, la tutela o la divulgazione di tali dati siano ragionevolmente necessari per:
    • meet legal obligations or requests by competent authorities.
    • enforce the Terms, including investigation regarding potential violations.
    • detect, prevent or otherwise manage fraudulent activity or security problems or technical in nature.
    • protect the rights, property or safety of ItStream, Users or the public as required or permitted by law.
  • ItStream may share aggregated non-personal information publicly and with its partners such as publishers, advertisers or connected sites (eg. Could share information publicly to show trends about the general use of the services of ItStream).
  • ItStream could treat personal information collected also on servers located in different countries around the world. Personal information may also be processed on a server located in a country other than that in which the user is located.


This Privacy Policy does not apply to services offered by other companies or persons, including products or sites that may be displayed in search results, sites that may contain ItStream services or other sites where you refer to the services of ItStream.
The Privacy Policy does not cover the information practices relating to the management of other companies and organizations that advertise the services of ItStream and who may use cookies, pixel tags and other technologies to publish and offer relevant ads.
ItStream regularly verify compliance with the rules contained in this Privacy Policy. In case of receipt of the formal written complaints, contact ItStream the people who put them forward.
ItStream cooperate with the competent authorities, including local authorities delegated to the protection of data, to resolve any complaints regarding the transfer of personal data that can not be resolved directly with users.


This Privacy Policy may be subject to occasional changes. ItStream will not reduce your rights Members hereunder without their explicit consent.
Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this page and, if the changes are relevant ItStream will alert you with a special communication (some services ItStream send an email Notification of changes).
Earlier versions of the Privacy Policy will be stored for your review.


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